Merrilyn Teague


Rev. Merrilyn Teague is a Resource Pastor at AACC and has been with the church almost since our inception, first as a missionary to Papua New Guinea and later as our Missions Pastor.

She presently continues her ministry to the people of Nepal through an ongoing relationship with Gospel for Asia, Nepal. Over the years she has provided teaching and pastoral care to GFA Nepal’s Bible College students, staff and Believers Church members. Merrilyn’s lifelong relationship with many Christian professionals in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia has birthed the Pathfinders medical and dental teams that have visited Nepal over the years, conducting health screening at GFA Nepal’s schools, tuition centres, churches and Bible colleges. The Lord has also provided new opportunities for Merrilyn to minister to Nepali believers in Japan. 

Merrilyn has also tirelessly served on the Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) Australia National Board of Advisors and continues to journey with many across the nations.