The Wee Family

Barry and Tina, with their children Kristiana, Nathaniel & Elisha, have been in full time ministry with Pioneers since 2004. They have worked in the area of Business as Mission, with involvement in Christian publishing and education. Their vibrant ministry actively extends to the local believers in the many areas of teaching, discipleship, pastoral care, building strong marriages and families, as well as equipping them for mission work. Barry and Tina have also been regional leaders for Pioneers, providing pastoral care and support for other team members.

The Pak Family

As a family, Shirley and Joash with their daughter Jyshelle, have been in full time ministry with Interserve since 2018. They are currently working in the area of training local Christian Counsellors, who in turn will be able to train and help others in the profession. Shirley’s experience as a trained counsellor and her fluency in the local dialect has made her an integral member of the training team. Concurrent with completing his Counselling studies, Joash has used his training and skills in multimedia and IT to enable online access in the local language to the Counselling training for many Christian counsellors.