Kim Teang Chhour

The Shelter of Peace Pre-School

Kim is, as we say, a ‘tough cookie’. Having survived the atrocities of the Pol Pot regime she was resettled in Australia but has always held Cambodia dear to her heart. In 1998 she returned to establish The Shelter of Peace Pre-School at Chheu Teal Village, 25km north of Phnom Penh. Kim oversees and facilitates the teaching and community outreach, with the help of several local staff. The children enjoy an educational program that also introduces them to the Gospel of Christ through Scripture, songs, stories and prayers. Kim has also been able to demonstrate God’s love to the elderly, widows and needy families in the village through various community initiatives.

The Greenfield Family


AACC’s partnership with Alongsiders International based in Cambodia, has been as one of several foundational churches and as supporters of Craig & Nay Greenfield and their children, Jayden and Micah. The Alongsiders movement has now spread to countries across Asia and Africa, with many young Christians in these nations being equipped to love, welcome and encourage the most vulnerable children and orphans in their own communities. Hundreds of children have discovered their value through the love of their ‘Alongsider’ and the local church, seeing emotional, social, educational and spiritual transformation. This is a movement of one generation transforming the next.



Marion Fromm

Cambodian Harvest

Originally from Adelaide, Marion established a dried fruit factory in 2004 to provide Cambodian landmine survivors a hope for their future, stable employment and the ability to provide for the needs of their families. The Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Company now has its production and training at the new factory and staff accommodation site in Prek Dong village. In addition, the congregation of the Cambodian Harvest Church of the Redeemer worship together regularly and their mission team is actively involved in outreach visits to several villages, baptising many new believers and witnessing God’s miracles among the villagers.