Praise Dance 讚美操

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Praise Dance Classes

These are group exercise classes which use the Praise Dance routines and music created by Ms Mei Yun Wu.

The songs are sung in Mandarin with the lyrics taken from passages in the Bible. The gentle dance and exercise movements help us stretch our muscles, mobilize our joints, improve our blood circulation and body balance.
 Our Praise Dance Group is one of many now in Taiwan, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and USA.

Join in and have fun with one of our friendly and informal classes!




其歌曲是用華語唱出及採用聖經章節作為歌詞。這個柔和的舞蹈及練習動作可幫助我們舒展肌肉, 活動我們的關節, 改善我們的血液循環和身體平衡。我們的讚美操組是現時包括台灣, 澳洲, 加拿大, 中國, 香港, 馬來西亞, 紐西蘭和美國其中的一員。




Mon & Wed 9.30am-11am
AACC, 3-5 Kennaway St, Tusmore 5065
Contact: Lian on 0403017038


Sat 10am-11am
Marden Senior College, Marden Road, Marden 5070
Contact: Amy on 0413237733

There is no charge.



時間: 星期一及星期三上午九時三十分至上午十一時
地點: AACC, 3-5 Kennaway Street, Tusmore 5065
聯絡: Lian 0403017038

時間: 星期六上午十時至十一時
地點: Marden Senior College, Marden Road, Marden 5070
聯絡: Amy 0413237733



2019 Lunar Chinese New Year Praise Dance Performance at Adelaide Chinatown