Youth Coordinator

I grew up in country Victoria on a farm, moved to Adelaide for university and stayed on to make Adelaide my home. I decided to follow Jesus when I was 16 years old. I was going through a rough patch during my teenage years and with the constant encouragement of my work friends and school chaplain, I decided to attend their youth group. Three weeks later I gave my heart to God and have never looked back!

My husband and I moved to AACC after I stepped into the role of Youth Coordinator, coming from another multi-cultural church. In this new chapter of my life at AACC, it is the love, sense of community and generosity that has captured my heart and revealed God’s heart of love to me again

I have the absolute pleasure of being the GRIP (youth) and FRESH (young adults) coordinator. My life was changed when I had encountered the love of God in a real way. This fuels my passion for the youth and young adults to know and experience the life changing power of God’s love. I want to create the same opportunity for people to encounter God in a way they never have before. It is simply an encounter with God himself that changes lives.

Some of my favourite things to do is to travel (waiting for God to give me a call overseas!), go to the movies, eating frozen yogurt and listening to peoples’ life stories.