Administrative Assistant

My family migrated to Australia in 1982 from Hong Kong. I grew up in Adelaide but have lived all over Australia working as a graphic designer. I was raised in a Buddhist family but gave my life to God in 2004 after attending an Alpha course. 

While in Australia, I have visited several churches, but have always come back to AACC, later being baptized here and calling it home. AACC has provided my family with the most loving church community we have ever experienced. 

With my background in graphic design and admin., I knew that when the opportunity arose for an administrative assistant at church, it was the path that the Lord wanted me on. My favourite part about church is seeing new and familiar faces that come in every Sunday. 

I am thoroughly passionate about people coming to know God. As the administrative assistant, I have the privilege of working with every ministry within our church. My role is to help make people feel encouraged, supported and valued: the very same way God has made me feel. 

After a wonderful miracle from the Lord, my wife and I have just welcomed a little baby girl into our family. This new season of ours is one that comes with great joy and learning. Alongside spending our time with our “little one,” we also enjoy our Maltese Shitzu, Job.